Xanxus Metal was founded in 2011 by group of professional consultant. It officially incorporated on September 7, 2011. Today, Xanxus Metal is by far the most professional building ironmongery supplier and has worked to make the mechanical lock more diversify, innovative and security, and it protects consumers from fraud and other inferior products.

Our company specializes in the well-known brands and a wide range of metal materials, such as: Italy” ISEO” advanced door locks and emergency exit device, the German “Dorma” floor spring, automatic sliding and swing doors machine, products of “Briton”, ”Exidor”,”Union”, ”Yale” and own brand “Xanxus” ultra-low temperature electric lock and building ironmongery, etc. 

We also provide OEM & ODM services which are extensively applied in lock, lever handle, electro lock, etc. Our reliable products have gained an extensive recognition from customers domestically and abroad.

 The company’s visionaries made it a personal mission to “organize the world’s building ironmongery and make it simple and durability.”

The Xanxus Metal Company continues to grow and adopt superior professional quality services and products to meet the needs of the ever-changing landscape of the building ironmongery.

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