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Xanxus DDL-19MT01SL

Digital Door lock for Cabinet (keypad & IB button), Silver & Black

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  • Type :TM Card (Button) or Pin

  • Color : Silver & Black

  • Outside: 45mm x 114 mm x 13.5mm (WxHxD)

  • Inside: 64mm x 132mm x 21mm (WxHxD)

  • Key Type: 2pieces TM Card

  • User Capacity: 1+15+10 (1 Master Card, 15 user Cards, 10 Access Pins)

  • User Access Code: 3-12 Digitals number combination

  • Voltage indication: low-voltage alarm when CPU operating voltage lower than 4.0V, this time can still be unlocked about 100 times

  • Static power consumption: 12uA

  • Dynamic power consumption: 200mA

  • Battery Life: Under normal circumstances open the door> 10,000 undervoltage alarm and open the door even 150 times

  • Material: Metal surface shell, Stainless steel lock shell

  • Humidity: ≦98%

  • Power: DC4.5V (AA Alkaline batteries) x 3pcs

  • Battery lifetime: About 10months (ten times per day)

  • Standard striker plate


  • The metal surface shell using a touch screen in the middle (such as password directly touch panel can sense the password),

  • with lighting effects, with a strong sense of the era of technology,

  • On both sides of the cabinet lock panel comes with dark handle

  • Stainless steel lock shell

  • To ensure open more than five hundred thousand times

  • With touch card to open the door of a single card or dual card to open the door (guest cards and management card to open the door)

  • The locks memory data processor, at any time modify the permissions, easy to manage

  • Tongue with a tamper-resistant, anti-inserted alarm functions

  • 3 (AA) battery-powered, with backup power jack and undervoltage alarm function


  • Widely used in swimming pools, saunas, beach,

  • Golf course, a gym locker, institutions, enterprises,

  • School, hotel, supermarket file cabinets or lockers.

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